Problem Documentation Homework Help – EssayLoop

Problem Documentation Homework Help – EssayLoop

Section Two : Problem Documentation and Literature Review section for your Action Research Proposal. Part of your Section Two assignment involves developing three Research Questions that are related to your Problem Statement. 

Problem Statement – – The problem is that 45 % of African American third grade boys who are emotionally handicapped are scoring 60 % or lower on daily math assignments. 

2- Create a chart or graphic organizer that illustrates your research question(s) and the data collection strategies you will use to answer your research question(s).

Include the following for each research question:

  • At least three data collection strategies that can help you answer your research question in detail
  • Examples of the specific kinds of information you plan to obtain: for example, “I will have students complete persuasive essays as a form of student-generated artifact.”
  • Justification as to whether baseline data are important in your study, and an explanation as to which data collection strategies you plan to use
  • Provide examples of the specific types of baseline data you plan to obtain.
  • Explanation of how the data collection strategies will provide you with the data you need to answer your research question(s)

When writing your Research Questions, keep in mind that:

> The questions should align to the purpose of your project,

> Questions should align to what your literature review reveals about the problem.

> Questions should be narrowly focused, researchable, and can be answered with data and

> Questions cannot be answered with a simple “Yes/No” response.


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